[sword-devel] Estonian Module Errors

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Fri Jan 28 16:00:15 MST 2005

There are several tools in the sword library which allow you to revert
the module into its original format e.g mod2osis which will revert a
module back to OSIS XML.

If you run your Esonian Bible through it you should get a marked up file
which is either correct and complete, but for some minor but crucial XML
problem,  or indeed completely corrupted as you describe.


On Fri, 2005-01-28 at 09:40 -0800, Jeremy Brown wrote:
> I wanted to alert you that the Estonian Bible module (Est) seems to have
> some serious errors in the Old Testament.
> Genesis seems to be all right, but from Exodus to Job, the same text is
> repeated on every verse:
> "Kui Jaakob oli oma poegadele käsu andnud, siis ta sirutas voodis oma
> jalad välja ja heitis hinge; ja ta koristati oma rahva juurde."
> Psalms seems to have many of its lines truncated.
> And Proverbs to Malachi have a different text that is repeated on every
> verse.
> "et saata täide kirjutatud kohtuotsus! See on auks k"
> So basically the only book in the OT that is any good is Genesis.  I don't
> know enough about the format of the files to tell if perhaps all the text
> is in there, and just a markup problem is causing this result, or if the
> text was not imported properly.
> As far as I could tell from a quick scan, the New Testament does not have
> the same kinds of problems.
> Jeremy
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