[sword-devel] Estonian Module Errors

Jeremy Brown jeremy.brown at biola.edu
Fri Jan 28 10:40:13 MST 2005

I wanted to alert you that the Estonian Bible module (Est) seems to have
some serious errors in the Old Testament.

Genesis seems to be all right, but from Exodus to Job, the same text is
repeated on every verse:
"Kui Jaakob oli oma poegadele käsu andnud, siis ta sirutas voodis oma
jalad välja ja heitis hinge; ja ta koristati oma rahva juurde."

Psalms seems to have many of its lines truncated.

And Proverbs to Malachi have a different text that is repeated on every
"et saata täide kirjutatud kohtuotsus! See on auks k"

So basically the only book in the OT that is any good is Genesis.  I don't
know enough about the format of the files to tell if perhaps all the text
is in there, and just a markup problem is causing this result, or if the
text was not imported properly.

As far as I could tell from a quick scan, the New Testament does not have
the same kinds of problems.


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