[sword-devel] Borland C++

Michael Riversong mriversong at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 17 20:27:59 MST 2005

It is my understanding that you can write C code in a text file, and
compile it using GCC in almost every distribution of Linux.  The hard
part is dependent files -- each distribution seems to have its own set.

On Mon, 2005-01-17 at 19:15, Greg Marine wrote:
> Good day everyone,
> I read on the CrossWire website that Borland C++ was used to develop 
> parts of Sword. Like BibleCS or something. I'm curious as to which 
> version of Borland C++ is used and where it could be used to compile on 
> Linux too. I'm VERY new to C++ and not sure what IDE is best for working 
> with projects like Sword and the XPCOM wrapper I'd like to create. I'm 
> also interested in being able to compile and work with Mozilla's 
> software using the same tools as Sword. So, anyone who has worked on 
> Sword and has also successfully worked with Mozilla I am curious about 
> your thoughts. At the very least, I could use a pointer to the best way 
> to work with the Sword code base on Windows and Linux. I really 
> appreciate help any of you can offer.
> Thank you and God Bless <><
> Greg

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