[sword-devel] Borland C++

Greg Marine gregmarine at iccnet.org
Mon Jan 17 19:15:48 MST 2005

Good day everyone,

I read on the CrossWire website that Borland C++ was used to develop 
parts of Sword. Like BibleCS or something. I'm curious as to which 
version of Borland C++ is used and where it could be used to compile on 
Linux too. I'm VERY new to C++ and not sure what IDE is best for working 
with projects like Sword and the XPCOM wrapper I'd like to create. I'm 
also interested in being able to compile and work with Mozilla's 
software using the same tools as Sword. So, anyone who has worked on 
Sword and has also successfully worked with Mozilla I am curious about 
your thoughts. At the very least, I could use a pointer to the best way 
to work with the Sword code base on Windows and Linux. I really 
appreciate help any of you can offer.

Thank you and God Bless <><

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