[sword-devel] Sword for VB

David dnr at crosswire.org
Wed Jan 12 00:31:01 MST 2005

Greg Marine wrote:

> Thank you David! I really appreciate the offer. For now, I'm most 
> interested in the interfaces you mentioned not being available in the 
> ActiveX control. I eventually want to create an XPCOM wrapper using 
> Java by taking advantage of the JSword code.

Greg, in IHTMLDocument::put_onmouseover is not implemented, this is 
needed for the mouseover popups (a scripture reference, or strong's number).

There a few other things that are not workin, for example 
IHTMLElement::QueryInterface(IID_IHTMLBodyElement, (void **) &p) is not 
returning S_OK, neither it is returning E_NOTIMP (I have not checked to 
see exactly what the return value is). The interface for the 
IHTMLBodyElement is needed to implement a 'find text' operation.

I wrote a class that allows me to embed either Mozilla or IE. Here are 
the features that I have in the class, and which control/s they are 
working with:

1. Embed control: IE, Mozilla
2. Load a page: IE, Mozilla
3. Select All: IE, Mozilla
4. Copy: IE, Mozilla
5. Find: IE
6. Hilite: IE
7. Switch reading order: IE
8. Tracking menu: IE, Mozilla
9. Determine selection state to enable/disable menu items: IE

The source for the Mozilla control is here:


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