[sword-devel] Sword for VB

Greg Marine gregmarine at iccnet.org
Mon Jan 10 19:28:50 MST 2005

Has anyone attempted to create a Sword application using Visual Basic? 
Or at least, does anyone know how one might do so? I would like to set 
references to the Sword API and use VB to create a front end. In the 
end, I'm mostly interested in bridging the cap between the Sword API and 
Mozilla's Gecko engine. They have an easy to use ActiveX control I can 
use in VB. This is the only reason I would even imagine doing a Sword 
front end in VB. I plan to eventually migrate to using Java as an XPCOM 
bridge between the Sword API (actually JSword) and Mozilla's Gecko 
engine. This would allow me to make the front end cross platform. But I 
want to create a proof of concept using VB first. Any help is appreciated.

God Bless <><

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