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Yes,  keying the greek words to the KJV words, and using Strong's
>numbers to  do the keying.
>For instance, it is useful to know that the LXX  uses paradiso where the
>KJV translates the Hebrew as "garden" or  "paradise".

No interest?  Is the source available for the Java  client so I could set
up such an  effort?


With BibleCS you can create a "Parallel" bible with KJV, WLC, and  LXX.  
Switch on Strong's numbers and you get the Hebrew numbers from the  KJV and Greek 
numbers from LXX.  WLC does not have embedded Hebrew numbers  but gives the 
straight Hebrew.  Anyway, If you right-click on a number you  can do a 
dictionary look-up and get the Greek or Hebrew meaning at will.   Have you tried this 
approach?  Once "search" gets improved, you could do  some fancy things there 
as well.
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