[sword-devel] More help with qpsword, please. :)

Philip Schielke phisch2 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 27 16:31:37 MST 2005

--- Dan Williams <drw at handhelds.org> wrote:
> In theory, you should be able to run Dagger on the
> Sharp ROM
> So to make a long story a little shorter, if you are
> using the stock Sharp 
> ROM, I would recommend using the qpsword and
> libsword packages found on 
> crosswire.org.

So, for the time being, anyway, we need both qpsword
and dagger binaries around.

I reflashed to OZ 3.5.3 last night and installed
dagger.  It seems pretty robust and clean.  One
problem I had though... I think I have several unicode
fonts installed, but when looking at Greek texts I
just she jiberish.  Do I need a different font, or
does dagger not support unicode?  I hope it's an easy
answer, as without support for Greek, I guess I'd have
to reflash back to a sharp based ROM so I can use

> > Could someone please educate me on Qtopia vs.
> > Is OPIE just an alternate GUI to Qtopia?  Do
> > programs
> > designed for one run on the other?  Do we need
> both
> > qpsword and dagger?
> Qtopia came first and was developed by TrollTech,
> the creators of Qt.  
>  [...]
> As for needing both qpsword and Dagger, I don't
> know.  I wrote Dagger for fun 
> and my own personal use, and just decided to make it
> available for anyone 
> else who wants to use it.

Thanks for the info Dan.  Very interesting.

To ask another question; does anyone regularly build
qpsword with a toolchain compatible with OZ?  I see
I'm unable to just run qpsword as is under openzaurus.
 I assume because of the toolchain issue.


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