[sword-devel] More help with qpsword, please. :)

Dan Williams drw at handhelds.org
Sat Aug 27 10:11:07 MST 2005

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> > Not to take anything away from qpsword, but there
> is
> > also Opie Dagger.
> I've heard of it but not tried it.  Can I run Dagger
> on SL-5600 with sharp ROM?  My impression was I
> could
> if I installed libopie.  However I can't seem to
> find
> libopie.ipk anywhere.  For those of us with Sharp
> based systems is dagger an option?  (Sorry I'm a bit
> of a zaurus newbie.)

Dagger does use the following libraries (which are part of libopie2):


libopie2 is the newer version of libopie which has been broken down into 
several smaller, more focused libraries.

In theory, you should be able to run Dagger on the Sharp ROM, but there are 
several requirements for this to work:

1. You will need the libraries I mentioned above, as well as libsword
2.  For them to run, they will need to be cross-compiled using an older 
toolchain (i.e. compiler and it's libraries, utilities, etc.) based on gcc 
v2.95.x.  Current OpenZaurus feeds are built with a newer toolchain and 
therefore the binaries are not binary compatible with the Sharp ROM.

So to make a long story a little shorter, if you are using the stock Sharp 
ROM, I would recommend using the qpsword and libsword packages found on 

> > On Thursday 25 August 2005 17:53, Troy A.
> Griffitts
> > wrote:
> > >  I would
> > > love to have someone more
> > > experienced take ownership of that app.
> I'm afraid I'm not more expeienced, with qt anyway.
> This is the first time I've ever played with it.
> I'm
> a compiler writer turned seminary student who needs
> usable Bible software on his Zaurus!
> > > 	A few comments.
> > >
> > > 	Have you tried the latest code in the qpsword
> > repository?  Have you
> >
> > > tried to build it against the latest code in the
> >
> > sword SVN repository?
> >
> > > https://crosswire.org/svn/qpsword/trunk/
> > > https://crosswire.org/svn/sword/trunk/
> Haven't tried it.
> Could someone please educate me on Qtopia vs. OPIE.
> Is OPIE just an alternate GUI to Qtopia?  Do
> programs
> designed for one run on the other?  Do we need both
> qpsword and dagger?

Qtopia came first and was developed by TrollTech, the creators of Qt.  The 
have a dual license model in that there is an open source/GPL version which 
can be used for non-commercial purposes, and a commercial version which 
companies can use in devices they sell (like Sharp does).

Back around 4 years ago, people were concerned with TrollTech's commitment to 
an open source version of Qtopia (this was shortly before Sharp came out with 
their first Zaurus model).  The commercial and non-commercial versions of 
Qtopia were diverging.  Bug reports from the community were not being fixed 
in the GPL'ed version, and improvements/enhancements were non-existent.

So the Opie project (of which I am one of the core developers) was started as 
a fork of Qtopia 1.4 in order to provide a improved version of Qtopia.  One 
of the primary goals of the project is to retain compatibility with apps 
written for Qtopia, and this is true to this day (minus the toolchain issue I 
mentioned above, which isn't an Opie issue).  Besides bug fixes, the 
community also began to enhance the functionality of the core libraries.  For 
example, the PIM app core is much more advanced, supporting XML as well as 
SQL database storage back-ends.  In addition, many new apps were added and 
support for new types of devices with higher resolution displays is included.

As for needing both qpsword and Dagger, I don't know.  I wrote Dagger for fun 
and my own personal use, and just decided to make it available for anyone 
else who wants to use it.

> Thanks and regards,
> -Phil

Hope that helps some.  Let me know if you have any other questions.

Dan Williams

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