[sword-devel] host[ing] despite legality

Jonathon Blake jonathon.blake at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 09:11:30 MST 2005

Eicke wrote:

>But to provide a tool to build a module myself for my use only should
be ok, as/when private usage is allowed.

If anybody creates  for The Sword Project, similar to The Bible Import
Tool for e-Sword, my advice is:
i) Create a list exclusively to support/discuss the tool;
ii) Ban all discussion/mention of it, on _all_ of the other Sword
Project Support Lists;

I'm making those two recommendations, because about once a quarter,
somebody on one of the e-Sword support lists will go off about The
Bible Import Tool. The resulting flames are not pleasant reading.

The legal arguments in favor of its use are:
i) Format shifting is legal;
ii) Time shifting is legal;
iii) The "Fair Use Doctrine" permits it;

The legal arguments against its use are:
i) It is a DCMA violation;
ii) "Fair Use"; does not apply;
iii) "Time Shifting" is irrelevant;
iv) "Format Shifting" is blatant copyright infringement;

I'll skip the theological arguments. [They tend to be even more divisive.]

Thus far, I have seen no similar legal, or theological debate about
the legitimacy of tools such as Biblos, for e-Sword.

The big difference between Bible Import Tool, and Biblos, is that the
former imports Bible from websites, whilst the latter imports from a
text file on one's system.


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