[sword-devel] host[ing] despite legality

Eicke Godehardt eicke.godehardt at igd.fraunhofer.de
Tue Aug 23 07:48:45 MST 2005

I don't want to circumvent rights.  That's why I'm not for sword modules 
of copyrighted texts in any form.  But to provide a tool to build a 
module myself for my use only should be ok, as/when private usage is 
alowed.  I'm even willing to pay for copyrighted sword modules, but 
there is no one available.
Do you think this is a wrong, dubios or questionable?  I'm realy not 
shure about that.

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DM Smith wrote:
> I work on BibleDesktop/JSword so that people can have free, high quality 
> software to use God's Word fully. I strongly support the rights of 
> individuals and corporations to their intellectual property and 
> copyrights. I am unwilling to provide people the tools to circumvent 
> these rights. I will "avoid the appearance of evil".
> JSword plans to provide the ability to work with OSIS bibles directly. 
> At this time I have not found any OSIS bibles that we can use. It is 
> kind of hard to develop it with out a good example, so this has not gone 
> anywhere other than on the wish list.
> Greg Hellings wrote:
>> Technologically it should not be an overly difficult way, but I would 
>> be wary of the way that this could be viewed by the copyright holder 
>> and by the respective authorities.  Seeing as how I'm neither a lawyer 
>> nor an expert on "intellectual propery" laws, I don't know, but if 
>> someone does have an authoritative opinion on that, it would be an 
>> interesting idea.  I have thought of a similar technology in the past, 
>> but never was willing to put myself at risk for using it until I had a 
>> definite legal opinion on the matter.
>> --Greg
>> On 8/23/05, *Eicke Godehardt* <eicke.godehardt at igd.fraunhofer.de 
>> <mailto:eicke.godehardt at igd.fraunhofer.de>> wrote:
>>     I have a similar "Problem" with german bible translations.  But most
>>     translations are free for browsing and private usage.  So there is no
>>     legal way to provide sword packages.  But why not provide scripts,
>>     which
>>     allow every user to build up his own package?
>>     Just downloading, some magic sed/awk to transform it to OSIS-XML and
>>     import it into sword?
>>     Is this a possible way?  What do you think?

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