[sword-devel] Strong not in ISO or Starter pack

Geoffrey W Hastings geoffreyhastings at juno.com
Mon Aug 8 21:39:48 MST 2005

        I was invited to go to Mexico City by a pastor there to teach
about 50 of his cell group leaders how to use the Sword and how to study
the Bible.
        I went to the site below and copied the ISO and burned 45 copies
of the cd to take with me.
I burned the latest non beta version which is from 2003.
If you try to download the "LATEST" link it just opens the digitract.
        When I got to Mexico city I found that the image did not include
the strongs numbers for part of the Gospels.
        When I taught the class I made them aware of this but said that
if they had access to the internet  though I am sure many of them do not
have access to the internet, they could go to the site below and download
the starter pack and it should update the KJV and strongs. 

Starter pack
        It wasn't until I returned home and tried installing the cd and
the starter pack on a computer this weekend that I found out the starter
pack has the old kjv and strongs as well.
        Today I tried to download just the kjv module and it would not

1. Why wouldn't the ISO be up to date.
        How many people have downloaded and passed on a crippled version
for those who would use strongs?
2. I don't see any reason to have the starter pack be the old version as
        I would guess that some (maybe many) would download the starter
pack to try out the program. Upon finding out that Strongs is incomplete
they may just go on to look at other software.

I love using the Sword software in my studies and I would hate to see
others turned off by something so simple.


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