[sword-devel] search function?

Kevin Field kev at brantaero.com
Thu Sep 30 18:06:34 MST 2004

Hi Troy,

Ah, that makes sense, as we've always been passing a scope.  I guess 
the best thing to do would be to not provide a scope if the scope is 
just going to be the whole Bible anyway.  Better yet, could I help get 
that into the Sword library itself?  From there I could go to getting 
it working if it's a single range, and then multiple ranges wouldn't be 
too much harder.



> Kev,
>  	The status callback mechanism does good in many scenerios, and not 
> so good in others.  We hope to improve it.  A case where I remember 
> it 
> acting as you have posted is when one provides a search 'scope'.  We 
> haven't added the logic to try to figure out the complete domain of 
> the 
> search scope (e.g. "gen-deut;1jn;rev1:1-5:19").  So we don't really 
> have 
> the data to report a %.  It's not that it can't be done, but just 
> hasn't 
> been done yet.  Hope this helps.
>  	-Troy.

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