[sword-devel] update of NA26-UBS3 module

Richard Horlings rhorlings at 295.ca
Mon Sep 27 08:36:51 MST 2004

Hello everyone.

For those of you who are interested, I have just made a new release of the 
Nestle-Aland 26th ed. /United Bible Societies 3rd ed. of the Greek New 
Testament text. It is not groundbreaking in any way; it simply fixes the 
final sigmas in parentheses and changes the underscores '_' to the proper 
symbol, the hyphen '-'.

You can get the updated module at 
http://sword.strona.pl/downloads/na26-ubs3.zip (this one is with 
installer for windows)
Thanks again to Wojciech Bartminski for hosting this module.

This is an unofficial module; it is not part of the Sword project itself. This 
begs the question: Would the Sword Project be willing to have a webpage with 
links to third party modules like this one? It would be useful for modules 
which Sword could not distribute, including, hopefully, future commercial 
ones, as well as modules that are not related to the purpose of Sword (e.g. 
Herodotus).  Just a thought. 

In His service, 
Richard Horlings

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