[sword-devel] french darby

Chris Umphress umphress at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 22:04:22 MST 2004

> When I run osis2mod on the osis file I obtained from CCEL, I have the four
> files that are produced. Problem: the nt file is rediculously large, the the
> range of hundreds of megabytes, but doesn't contain any text. It simply
> contains OSIS format, verse delimiters mostly. The ot file, on the other hand
> is empty.

I had the same result when I tried to convert of the French Darby
translation using osis2mod. The "nt" file was over 700 megabytes in
size (from a 5 MB source file). I'll take a look at the code for
osis2mod tonight.

Chris / Daga

Chris Umphres <http://daga.dyndns.org/>

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