[sword-devel] french darby

Le Scribe lescribe at bonbon.net
Thu Oct 14 21:00:07 MST 2004

hey all!

I've been trying to get a french darby module going, which seems like an easy 
project for me to get my feet wet (I have a LOT of other ideas for modules 
hihi) with. This modules is available in e-sword, on the ccel archives (in 
OSIS, THmL and other formats) so it shouldn't be too difficult. Scribe (on 
IRC) has helped me considerably, but I seem to have hit a wall.

When I run osis2mod on the osis file I obtained from CCEL, I have the four 
files that are produced. Problem: the nt file is rediculously large, the the 
range of hundreds of megabytes, but doesn't contain any text. It simply 
contains OSIS format, verse delimiters mostly. The ot file, on the other hand 
is empty.

If anyone could help me on this, I have only just finished working through the 
(obsolete) user's guide on bibletechnologies.net, and so I am rather new to 
OSIS. I have a print copy of Darby, so I think I can make this work. The link 
to the OSIS file is:

thanks !


proverbs 4.23

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