[sword-devel] KJV2003 request

Joachim Ansorg junkmail at joachim.ansorgs.de
Mon Oct 4 12:35:52 MST 2004

I think you can use the tool "mod2imp" or diatheke to export the text into a 
plain text file.

The tools are in the utilities subdir of the source tree.


> Hi everyone.  I just installed Gnome Sword and a bunch of modules, and
> impressed by the amount of material that it makes available.  Gnome
> Sword has quirks, but I can definitely see the potential.
> KJV2003 sounds like exactly what I want for a New Revised King James
> project I'm working on, but unfortunately the text is in some compressed
> format.
> Can I get KJV2003, with all the Strongs markup, in some sort of plain
> text format?
> Although Sword and its API is nice (I don't know anything about the API,
> but the fact there is an API is a good sign), I feel most comfortable
> using the old Unix tools awk, sed, and perl.
> Please help?  The Strongs numbers are necessary, because straight text
> substitutions produce too many false changes.
> The goal of my work is to make the KJV a little more consistent in the
> department of translating one Hebrew or Greek word into one English
> word.
> What would really rock is having the Old Testament keyed to the LXX,
> using Strong's Numbers.  Any plans for that in the future?  I know the
> Gottingen Edition is expensive, but using it to prepare the
> authoritative OG mss, then keying it to the KJV OT would almost do my
> job for me.
> God bless.
> Jonathan

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