[sword-devel] KJV2003 request

Jonathan Walther krooger at debian.org
Mon Oct 4 12:15:18 MST 2004

Hi everyone.  I just installed Gnome Sword and a bunch of modules, and
impressed by the amount of material that it makes available.  Gnome
Sword has quirks, but I can definitely see the potential.

KJV2003 sounds like exactly what I want for a New Revised King James
project I'm working on, but unfortunately the text is in some compressed

Can I get KJV2003, with all the Strongs markup, in some sort of plain
text format?

Although Sword and its API is nice (I don't know anything about the API,
but the fact there is an API is a good sign), I feel most comfortable
using the old Unix tools awk, sed, and perl.

Please help?  The Strongs numbers are necessary, because straight text
substitutions produce too many false changes.

The goal of my work is to make the KJV a little more consistent in the
department of translating one Hebrew or Greek word into one English

What would really rock is having the Old Testament keyed to the LXX,
using Strong's Numbers.  Any plans for that in the future?  I know the
Gottingen Edition is expensive, but using it to prepare the
authoritative OG mss, then keying it to the KJV OT would almost do my
job for me.

God bless.


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