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Fri Nov 26 17:55:32 MST 2004

You could encode every document with <div> and <span> elements, and be as 
explicit as you like with thousands of class attributes. But that wouldn't 
make HTML structural markup, and it wouldn't help in the least with 
conversion from HTML to GBF/ThML/OSIS since there are no encoding 
standards or conventions for structural markup of Bibles in HTML.


On Fri, 26 Nov 2004, Lynn Allan wrote:

> It seems like html/xhtml can be given quite a bit a "structure" with
> extensive use of css classes.
> <h4 class="ChapRef">Genesis 1</h4>
> <h5 class="Summary">God creates.</h5>
> <p class="GroupOfVerses">
> <span class="VerseNum">1</span>
> <span class="Verse">In the beginning ......</span>
> <span class="VerseNum">2</span>
> <span class="Verse">Now the earth was ......</span>
> <span class="VerseNum">3</span>
> <span class="Verse">God said, " ......"</span>
> </p>
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