[sword-devel] Converting files

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Post the url to the Sharing Bible site, I will take a look at it again, I do
not know a lot about OSIS, but there people on the list who do, maybe one of
them will provide some helpful input.

I think that what you are talking about is similar to how the CCEL server
generates files in different specifications on demand (thml, osis, pdf,
etc), Harry Plantinga might give you some advice.

It is going to start with writing a program to convert your html files into

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> Hi DNR (aka David :-),
> Your email gets me re-thinking an approach to a "Sharing Bible" tract
> that contains lots of verses. The web-version is currently put
> together with html+css2+php.
> The paper versions are bifolded/duplexed booklets. They are currently
> prepared from Ms Word (or Ms Publisher) and then converted using
> pdf995. Earlier, you (or Costas?) suggested looking at pdf files as a
> better approach.
> I'd like to move towards OSIS such that .pdf files could be
> auto-magically generated (xslt+fop?) for web viewing and then
> downloaded and printed by individuals or organizations. I'd appreciate
> your thoughts and input if this seems feasible. I'm an OSIS newbie.

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