[sword-devel] MacSword 1.1.3

Will Thimbleby will at thimbleby.net
Thu Nov 25 04:10:47 MST 2004

So all I have to do is replace char* StringMgr::upperUTF8(char* t, 
const unsigned int maxlen)?

If so, then what is maxlen for? Is it expecting t to be overwritten or 
just a maximum buffer allocated? I assume that sword will dealloc any 
buffer I return.

thanks -Will

On 25 Nov 2004, at 7:42 am, Martin Gruner wrote:

>> Also is anyone working on utf-8 locale support, I would like to be 
>> able
>> to just use utf8 locales and support languages like chinese. What 
>> needs
>> doing to support this?
> Hi Will,
> this is fairly simple, but works with cvs only. You need to override 
> the
> StringMgr class to work with UTF8 (use your mac functions to handle 
> it), and
> make your updated StringMgr return StringMgr::supportsUnicode==true. 
> Then
> LocaleMgr will only load UTF8 and Latin1 locales.
> We use it in BibleTime and it works just fine. Now all locales 
> actually work!
> mg
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