[sword-devel] MacSword 1.1.3

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Thu Nov 25 00:42:46 MST 2004

> Also is anyone working on utf-8 locale support, I would like to be able
> to just use utf8 locales and support languages like chinese. What needs
> doing to support this?

Hi Will,

this is fairly simple, but works with cvs only. You need to override the 
StringMgr class to work with UTF8 (use your mac functions to handle it), and 
make your updated StringMgr return StringMgr::supportsUnicode==true. Then 
LocaleMgr will only load UTF8 and Latin1 locales.

We use it in BibleTime and it works just fine. Now all locales actually work!


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