[sword-devel] Other Bible versions

Nichols, Lester NicholsL at partnershipbanking.com
Tue Jun 29 08:45:11 MST 2004


Thank you for your response. I did not take offense or was upset at your
post, but rather felt that this should be a forum of ideas for the project
and that statements (whether true or false) about people or organizations
should be brought up directly with those individuals. This is such an open
forum, where people can subscribe and unsubscribe without anyone really
noticing, that I do not think that we would want to be the potential root of
a rumor mill.

I agree that there is a lot that all three, as well as other projects, could
collaborate. Think the biggest collaboration would and even should be on the
licensing of the various translations and other modules. Just like with the
translations (and as a programmer myself I know), there are certain versions
that work better for others, and so there is various ways to program to get
to the same objective. That being said the one thing that is the same across
the board (or at least should be) is the need and way to get the appropriate
licensing. In addition, as Chris noted in another post that many get e-sword
and the SWORD Project confused. This could be where getting licensing in a
cooperative fashion could be useful. With so many "Big" (and expensive)
Bible applications out there, the only way to get some of the more popular
translations is to cooperate.

Just some thoughts.

Lester Nichols 

I can only apologise. I honestly did not mean to suggest that anything
was going on. I could not find any license references in my downloaded
and I had assumed that they were necessary. (The OnlineBible distributes a 
license.doc file with its modules) I have no real idea how copyright
apply, so (as I demonstrated in a previous post) its much more likely that I

have simply got the wrong end of the stick.

In response to the question 'Have you asked?' Yes, I have emailed both 
OnlineBible and E-Sword, and what I quoted from previously was the end of my

correspondance with OnlineBible. I don't know who to believe in the matter.

It seems a shame that the three (Sword Project, E-Sword, Online Bible) can't
some standard to their applying for copyright licenses. There must be a lot
duplication of effort going on, in code as well. It feels like being at my 
church board meeting :)

At any rate, I apologise if I caused anyone any upset and/or offence. Hats
to you guys though for being much more responsive :)


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