[sword-devel] Other Bible versions

Gabriel Burca Gabriel.Burca-crosswire at ebixio.com
Mon Jun 28 18:24:39 MST 2004

>> Finally, I'm a programmer, I'd like to help, is there anything that I
>> can do, or stuff that I should read to see if I can get involved?
> The todo list is at www.crosswire.org/todo .
> --Chris

I don't see any mention of alternate versification schemes in the TODO list. Does that
mean it's already done, or not planned to be done? Or is it just not included in the
TODO list?

If it's not already done, does anyone have a rough timeframe of when it should be
available? Is it rated as a low/mid/high priority?

gburca dash crosswire at ebixio dot com

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