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We aren't involved in any kind of scanning, OCR, or keyboarding of 
texts.  You might contact CCEL (www.ccel.org) instead, since they do 
this sort of thing.


Barry Hodkinson wrote:

> I have two sets of books which I would like to see preserved on the 
> internet. The first is the Thomas Scott Bible Commentary in six 
> volumes.(3600 pages approx). Thomas Scott wrote the first modern 
> commentary (about 1700) with chain reference system which others later 
> copied and copywrited. Matthew Henry etc, was modelled on this original. 
> Though old the commentary still has fresh ideas, you also get a lot of 
> interesting notes from older commentaters. Scott himself was a freind of 
> John Newton, the converted slave-trader, who wrote the hymn "Amazing 
> Grace" and ministered in the same church as his successor.
> The second is "The Peoples Bible" Joseph Parker D.D. (25 Volumes, 400 
> pages average)  Joseph Parker was the Founder of the City Temple, 
> Holborn Viaduct, London. which had a number of famous preachers. If you 
> have the resources and manpower to put these works on the internet I 
> would be delighted.
>   Best wishes, Barry Hodkinson.
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