[sword-devel] Making Bible module from OSIS file

Benedict P. Barszcz kb2qzv at poczta.wp.pl
Tue Jun 8 14:44:24 MST 2004

ingo7 wrote:
> Sorry for my question - but where can I find osis2mod?
> It is not in http://crosswire.org/ftpmirror/pub/sword/utils/win32/
> (I guess it's not available under windoze?)
Hi ingo7,
the program is available once you compile and install sword on Linux.
I have it on my box, but it wasn't obvious to me it was suitable for 
preparing a module for sword project. I just learned it from this thread.
I think we need more information form the sword team on all of this.

On another note, why is it adviced on the sword web page to use xml2gbs 
instead of osis2mod? I am stunned.


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