[sword-devel] Making Bible module from OSIS file

ingo7 ingo7 at wp.pl
Tue Jun 8 01:38:53 MST 2004

Are there (or will there be) tools to make a Bible module using
OSIS-tagged source e-text?

We are preparing transliteration and transcriptions (supervised by
linguistic specialists) of 1632 version of polish translation of the

Is it good idea to work using OSIS format - or should we use just "imp"
($$$ Genesis 1:1 etc.)?

Our main goal is to have module in polish - we don't have tools for OSIS
import (do we?), and we're not sure if the only file with OSIS tags
(polish Biblia Gdanska) is tagged OK enough. 

Choosing "imp" seems better solution as we could be able to have module
prepared by ourselves (OSIS with Polish Biblia Gdanska was prepared half
a year ago and there is no "official" module with this Bible till now).


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