[sword-devel] gnomesword compile error

Andy Piper andy.piper at freeuk.com
Sun Jun 6 10:00:25 MST 2004

Benedykt P. Barszcz said:
> Ha, it's gnomesword. So this could've been the problem. I'll
> give the gnomesword1 a try some time soon.

You should definitely be using the gnomesword1 module from CVS
as the other one is out of use.

However, it is not likely to fix your problem as I'm having
exactly the same one with a fresh SWORD CVS / GnomeSword2 CVS
compile. I'm investigating now...

(it may be worth moving this discussion to
gnomesword-devel at lists.sf.net...)

Andy Piper - Farnborough, Hampshire (UK)

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