[sword-devel] Using SWORD from OpenOffice.org - just a thought

Andy Piper andy.piper at freeuk.com
Wed Jun 2 02:05:45 MST 2004

Chris Little said:
> Not knowing anything about OOo macros, I can't give any
> helpful advice.
> But I can comment that (unless there's some development
> of which I am completely ignorant) there aren't any VBA
> macros for SWORD either.  The talk of VBA macros was
> related to some updating of Word macros for
> Wycliffe that had nothing to do with SWORD at all.

Yeah - I worked this out in the end, shortly after I posted my

> I guess that is to say that, in addition to OOo
> integration being a cool idea, MS Office
> integration/smarttags support would be pretty cool too.
> (And I think smarttags would even be fairly easy to
> implement.)

Well, conceptually I can see how I might implement support for
Office - build a simple COM object which returned the verse,
and call that from VBA. It shouldn't be too difficult. However,
that isn't a cross-platform solution which is what I'm looking
for... It could be that there are limitations in terms of what
is possible in OOo today. I've read a little about this UNO
thing but haven't gotten my head around it yet.

Never looked at smart tags beyond being a user, but I'll do a
quick bit of research out of interest, now.

As I said, having hit a bit of a wall with my initial efforts,
this was more of an idea to chalk up on the TODO board :-)

Thanks for all the replies.

Andy Piper - Farnborough, Hampshire (UK)

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