[sword-devel] How to create a Sword Module

Johan Marais johanma at absa.co.za
Thu Jul 29 06:21:24 MST 2004

I am new to Sword so please forgive my ignorance. I have spent many hours reading different articles, but to no avail.

I have a general (short) book in text format which I want to convert into a Sword module. The book should have the same functionalies as Josephus, i.e. headings in a seperate (left) window with the detail text in the window on the right.

Question is that I do not know what processes to follow (and in what sequence) in order to make the book ready for Sword.

I understand to use facilities like ThML2gbs, imp2gbs, etc, but I do not know when to do so. I also want to know what the formats of these commands are please!

Any help will be much appreciated.

In honour to His Name.

Johan Marais
johanma at absa.co.za

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