[sword-devel] Spelling errors in Afrikaans 53 module

Nico swd at nv.jakaranda.co.za
Tue Jul 20 00:00:44 MST 2004


I found some spelling errors in the Afrikaans 53 module.  I guess that
www.bybel.co.za was used as source.

As far as I can remember the version used by www.e-sword.net is much better
spelling wise (I only recently changed to Linux as my desktop OS and my need
for a Bible on my PC made me discover BibleTime and Crosswire)

What would be the best way to improve the text?  I'm prepared to do
corrections/make notes as I find them.

One could also investigate the possibility of using the E-Sword version or
even better do a comparison between the 2 versions and check the differences.

I don't know what the best way to do things would be - I'm leaving that
decision for the experts.



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