[sword-devel] Introduction

Don A. Elbourne Jr. delbourne at cox.net
Mon Jul 12 09:39:55 MST 2004

Hi  Michael,

Good to hear from you. Small world isn't it? :)

Having a bootable Linux bistro with BibleTime on it would be very cool. 
If I'm not mistaken, I think someone else was working on something like 
that, but I do not remember who.

by grace alone,

Don A. Elbourne Jr.

Michael Riversong wrote:

>Been on this list a little over a month now, and should introduce myself
>and the project that brought me here.
>I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where i work as the computer teacher at
>Noah Webster Christian School.  Over Spring Break I started on a project
>to create a bootable Bible study environment for free distribution on
>Due to some unexpected personal situations, the project has been going
>slowly.  At this point I have some basic free files gathered, and a
>directory structure which works fairly well.  One free Windows search
>engine has been included, along with a few HTML access files from a few
>ministries and some supplemental text material by permission of the
>authors.  At this point it's possible to simply copy the files onto any
>computer and use whatever native tools are available for text searches,
>which takes some expertise.
>The next step is to make it bootable.  I'm into Linux, and have been
>inspired by the availability of free Knoppix educationally-oriented
>distributions.  Presently I'm trying to understand how Morphix works in
>order to create a bootable CD that will combine the free Bible files
>with standard technical resources available in the Linux community.
>The third stage comes later -- adding files in Chinese, Arabic, and
>Farsi so the disks can easily be smuggled into restricted areas.  I have
>some background in linguistic study which should help in that phase of
>the project.
>So far there's been no funding for any of this, but God has been taking
>care of me anyway.
>I'm strong in organizing study environments, but weak in doing hard-core
>technical work such as coding and programming.
>This list has been very interesting so far, and I very much appreciate
>the expertise gathered here.
>Michael Riversong
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