[sword-devel] Introduction

Michael Riversong mriversong at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 12 06:07:25 MST 2004

Been on this list a little over a month now, and should introduce myself
and the project that brought me here.

I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where i work as the computer teacher at
Noah Webster Christian School.  Over Spring Break I started on a project
to create a bootable Bible study environment for free distribution on

Due to some unexpected personal situations, the project has been going
slowly.  At this point I have some basic free files gathered, and a
directory structure which works fairly well.  One free Windows search
engine has been included, along with a few HTML access files from a few
ministries and some supplemental text material by permission of the
authors.  At this point it's possible to simply copy the files onto any
computer and use whatever native tools are available for text searches,
which takes some expertise.

The next step is to make it bootable.  I'm into Linux, and have been
inspired by the availability of free Knoppix educationally-oriented
distributions.  Presently I'm trying to understand how Morphix works in
order to create a bootable CD that will combine the free Bible files
with standard technical resources available in the Linux community.

The third stage comes later -- adding files in Chinese, Arabic, and
Farsi so the disks can easily be smuggled into restricted areas.  I have
some background in linguistic study which should help in that phase of
the project.

So far there's been no funding for any of this, but God has been taking
care of me anyway.

I'm strong in organizing study environments, but weak in doing hard-core
technical work such as coding and programming.

This list has been very interesting so far, and I very much appreciate
the expertise gathered here.

Michael Riversong

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