[sword-devel] Checking on "Fair Use" by individuals of propri etary Bible texts

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"Fair Use" is a very broad term or phrase that is usually described within
the Licensing document. In some instances it is limited only by the fact
that it not be republished with the intent to sell. In other instances it is
that it cannot be converted from the "media-type" the material owned is in.
In most instances in proprietary Bibles, I have seen that "Fair use" is the
ability to copy (in any fashion) no more than 55% of the Bible and of that
55% no more than 100 or so continuous verses. Typically, there is a
limitation to the manipulation of the content not specifically specified
within the license or agreement.

Because of this, regarding your 1st and 2nd part (steps) of your question,
it would probably be considered similar to the DVD decryption algorithm
posted to the web by the Scandinavian teenager. Although, you may not be
prosecuted as quickly, they may use that case as precedence. There have been
several cases in which the mere posting of the information is considered a
violation of law, because it insights others to use the information for
"potentially" illegal means, as in the case of the anarchist cookbook and
some "hacker" sites.

So if the txt is not in the public domain or a part of some GNU licensing,
legally you could be violating the terms of the "Fair Use" license or

Lester Nichols 
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I would appreciate feedback on what entails "Fair Use" by individuals of
proprietary Bible texts.

For purposes of discussion, let's say I somehow have access to the texts of
the NIV, NKJV, and/or ESV. This might be through the Internet, Bible
Explorer, e-Sword, etc.

Is it ethical / legal for me as an individual to prepare these texts into
the 31,102 KJV versification format and then, for strictly personal  use,
incorporate for usage with something like LcdBible/BerBible or BibleCs?

I've not proposing distribution to anyone, but strictly for personal use on
my own computer. The above preparation would possibly be quite tedious and
error-prone, but seems quite do-able, given the time and motivation. Does
the above fall within the understood doctrine(s) of "Fair Use" of
copyrighted material by individuals for personal use?

If so, how about the "next step": to provide detailed information about how
to accomplish the above?

If so, how about the "next step": to provide utility software to accomplish
the above?

For His glory and honor,
Lynn A.

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