[sword-devel] Windows CE: application layout

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 16 Feb 2004 13:27:04 -0700

	I like your ideas, and very much like the role you have requested to 
play.  I would love to have the gui done with skeleton functions for me 
to add code to interface with the engine!  What a blessing!

	To try out some of the lexicon and greek help that already works, try 
installing the latest: KJV, Strongsgreek, Robinsons, Strongshebrew 
modules.  Then turn on Strongs and Morphology.  You should be able to 
click on these numbers or codes and see the Greek word definitions and 
tense (to be oversimplistic) of the original language text.

	I think adding a page for these is fine.  The popup boxes were a 
temporary solution and don't provide for display very large entries.

	The Cross-References in, say, the NASB or ESV are also something we 
should think about supporting.  Currently the popup boxes show the 
references, but they would be more useful if they were in some kind of 
verselist where the user could chose each one and see the verse, then 
possibly jump to the verse in context in the normal text display screen. 
  What do you think of having a general VerseList page and it could 
double for this purpose, and also for the search results?  We could use 
it maybe for other stuff in the future, as well.

	Thanks again!  I'm excited to work together with you!  You want to do 
all the parts that I don't know how!


> - A page displaying the greek/hebrew (accessed by clicking on a link in
> the normal text)
> - A lexicon page
> - A books table of contents.
> - A books text.
> - An options page containing several available options.
> I can do the work on the gui (providing I have the time) while other
> people work on hooking in the engine parts.
> I am looking forward to feedback and additions to this idea
> Greetings,
> Johan
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