[sword-devel] ESV [was: Module Status]

Brian Schroeder bandds at airnet.com.au
Sun Dec 19 00:07:46 MST 2004

I notice that an Online Bible ESV module has been
released recently.

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Mike,
> 	We currently have a contract from Crossway "...to manufacture and
> distribute SOFTWARE PACKAGES containing the [ESV] throughout the world,
> aside from the United Kingdom and European Union."  Since we don't
> regulate who downloads from our website, we can't currently support the
> wording in this contract.  I think Holman has rights to the ESV in UK
> and EU and we might have to get permission from them before
> distributing.  I'm also pursuing the level of ambiguity in the phrasing.
> Our website is currently only distributing software in Tempe, Arizona
> USA, so we might fall into agreement already.  I'm waiting to hear back
> from CrossWay about this.
> 	Thanks for the inquiry.  I'm excited to see this work available, as
> well!
> 		-Troy.
> On Tue, 2004-11-23 at 02:03 -0700, G. Michael Hagedon wrote:
>>I'm new around here, so I apologize if this is not right place to ask this.
>>I saw in the list archives a message dated 9/25/2004 that mentioned permission 
>>was being sought from Crossway Bibles to distribute the ESV.  Does anyone 
>>have an update on that?  Why isn't it on the locked list on the copyright 
>>On a side note, I'm interested in helping out with the SWORD API, Bibletime, 
>>or module making.  Does anyone have any specific tasks they need help with?
>>Thank you all for your hard work in making some great Bible software!
>>Mike Hagedon
>>Tucson, AZ
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>>sword-devel at crosswire.org

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