[sword-devel] Gecko / C++Builder

Don A. Elbourne Jr. delbourne at cox.net
Fri Dec 17 12:23:38 MST 2004

That would be cool. But you already know my opinion - I'd love to see a 
whole Sword frontend done with XUL. :)

by grace alone,

Don A. Elbourne Jr.

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:

> Hey guys.  Here's an interesting article from a few months ago that 
> might be of assistance in moving the win32 app from RTF to HTML 
> rendering.
> Also:
> Wonder what it would take to get graphite working on windows with this 
> control.
> http://www.paranoia.clara.net/articles/taming_the_lizard_with_delphi.html

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