[sword-devel] Windows CE: version 0.9 release (error?)

Johan Gorter j.gorter at alumnus.utwente.nl
Sat Aug 28 12:01:23 MST 2004


I tried to figure out what I have to change to encorporate the URL-s that
Troy was talking about. Unfortunately, this part of the code was written by
Troy and I do not really know where to begin to understand what he is doing
here. What you could do is try to use the sword.dll file from a previous
swordreader version. I do believe the latest simplegui.exe will still be
compatible with it. Please tell me if this works (I am no longer on the
sword-devel list).



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I've tried out the search portion.  It works wonderfully, but now I've tried
the Strong's and morphological tags lookup and I just get an


Is anyone else getting these errors?  They worked great on the previous
version.  Do I need to change the way these modules are installed?

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