[sword-devel] RE: --- A bug in Sword Reader ---

Johan Gorter j.gorter at alumnus.utwente.nl
Sat Aug 28 12:01:35 MST 2004

Hello Winyu,

Well, uninstalling the Thai language should eleviate your problem, but I
assume this is not what you want. 

I assume it is the text inside of the buttons you are talking about? I
suspect that these characters are somehow (cut-off) Thai characters or
something. I made a version that specifies a normal english font for the
button texts. Please try it and tell me if it works.



PS: Do you use a bible in the Thai language? I am really curious of how that

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From: Winyu Kinghiranwatana [mailto:winyuu at yahoo.com]
Sent: zaterdag 14 augustus 2004 05:36
To: j.gorter at alumnus.utwente.nl
Subject: --- A bug in Sword Reader ---

Dear Johan,
   I'm one of your pocket pc's Sword Reader program user. And it's a great
software I think.
   However, I found some bugs in the program. In the pages for selecting
Book, Chap and Verse the character font is unreadable. (= strange
characters). How can I fix this problem ?
   I'm in Thailand and my pocket pc is install a Thai language enable


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