[sword-devel] Sword Engine and Visual C++

Greg Marine gregmarine at iccnet.org
Fri Aug 20 16:17:57 MST 2004

Good day to everyone!

I pray this finds you all well.

I am interested in compiling the Sword Engine using Visual C++ 2003. Has anyone had any luck doing this? I would like to create a wrapper for the engine using Mozilla's XPCOM so that Sword modules will be accessable in XUL applications. Once I'm successful doing this on the Windows platform, I will probably port the wrapper to Linux for use on that platform since Mozilla is cross platform. I've had no trouble compiling on Linux already as everything for development seems easier on Linux. However, since most of the world has M$ Windows, I decided to target that first.

Also, has anyone had luck with this on Windows CE (Pocket PC)? I noticed there was a project started for this, but there wasn't much info on how to work with that part of the project. It also seemed as though those who were working on it do not have the time to maintain the work. I completely understand that as I'm very busy at work! However, I would be willing to give that platform a try if anyone else knows anything about how I would go about doing so.

I'm just now getting into C++ and thought this would be a good way to learn. I learn languages more quickly when I have a specific project to work on. My background is in Java, Visual Basic, and most web related technologies. Any help anyone can give me is greatly appreciated!!!

God Bless <><
Greg Marine

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