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Andy Cheung andy.cheung at ntlworld.com
Mon Aug 16 07:10:39 MST 2004

I use the plain text and html formats only.  I never use the pdf format.  I also make use of e-sword and the WEB module they have on that program.

The reason I don't use pdf is that adobe reader is so fiddly to use. PDF is great if you need a document to be presented in the same exact format each time it's used but this isn;t neceesary for a Bible. Therefore, PDF doesn't have anything for me that can't be done with html. I use plain text because I like to make use of the batch file which converts the plain text file into a single large text file. In so doing, i can have the whole bible is one file which I can then use to do concordance-style searches from. For me it's the quickest way of trying to find something in the Bible.

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> Subject: [WEBnews] File formats; update status
> Latest revision of WEB & WEBME: 9 August 2004
> WEB web sites: http://eBible.org/web/, http://WEBible.org/, http://WorldEnglishBible.org
> WEBME web sites: http://eBible.org/hnv/, http://hnvbible.org/, http://eBible.org/webme/
> So far, the "master" copy of the World English Bible has been in "General Bible Format" -- a text format that I invented a long time ago for this purpose. (It is documented at http://eBible.org/bible/gbf.htm, if you are interested.) I have programs that convert from GBF into a variety of file formats, some of which I maintain on the web sites listed above (as well as for 4 other translations of the Holy Bible). In the not-too-distant future, I would like to shift the master copy of the World English Bible to either USFM or an XML format that can be losslessly and automatically converted to and from USFM. The reason I'm doing this is to be able to share Bible formatters and converters with the Bible translators who are using USFM or a format very close to USFM, mostly for minority languages. In the process of making that shift, I'll have to rewrite many of the converters that I now have for GBF. Before I start that process, I would like to know which Bible file formats that a!
> re offered on our web sites above that you actually use now, or would like to use. That will help me prioritize the format conversion writing process. Which formats are most important to you, and why?
> Also, I would like to know what you would think if I stopped posting some formats on the above web sites, but instead provided a converter program that could produce the "missing" formats. Would that be acceptable? If so, what operating system would you like to run the converter on?
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