[sword-devel] console cf LCD bible

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 13 04:36:42 MST 2004

Lynn Alan wrote:
> Hi DM,
> LcdBible has a 'target audience' of obsolete computers (early Pentiums and 486's with 640*480 VGA resolution) such as those donated to missionaries. IMHO, to be usable, software needs to 'launch' relatively quickly (1 sec preferred, 5 sec max) and also perform flexible searching quickly (as above).

My daughter just got back from a missionary trip to Burkina Faso in 
Africa and her experience was just exactly what you described. An old 
donated, end-of-life laptop with intermittent connectivity when the 
electricity was available. We got 4 short emails (which were composed 
offline) because of these difficulties.

JSword would not have been a download option. It might not have been an 
installation option from a CD.

My response to the thread was to Davy, who is putting together a Linux 
distribution CD. It was not to suggest that JSword was an appropriate 
LCD application.

Humorous aside, at the airport to come home, she realized that she had a 
Swiss army knife in her bag and had to leave it there. She gave it to 
the missionary, who did not have such basic tools and was very 
appreciative to receive it.

> For His glory and honor,
> Lynn Allan

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