[sword-devel] Portuguese Translation PorAA

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 9 10:01:16 MST 2004

I made a mistake. I jotted the numbers down wrong. Each line ends with
A0 30 A0 (-96, 32, -96)

For Gen 1.1 all accented characters are represented as UTF-8
For example, í is (-61, -83) in the data. Which becomes a code-point of 237.

Anyway, A0 in Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1) is a non-breaking space and
30 is a regular space.

I wonder whether this just represents an unconverted sequence of Latin-1 
whitespace. I have often seen this sequence as a way of providing for 
fixed spaces in HTML.

DM Smith wrote:
> Not sure I can be of much help, but I took a look at the data in the 
> file and each verse ends with a byte sequence A4 30 A4 (-92, 32, -92).
> In stepping through the debugger in Java, it identifies that this is not 
> valid UTF-8 and silently replaces the A4 with FFFD (i.e. -92 with 65533).
> The reason that it displays as a question mark is not because there is a 
> question mark in the data, but because that is how the rendering of 
> unknown characters is represented. On my system, it shows up as a box.
> Anyway, the problem is probably in the editorial master from which the 
> sword module is created.
> Nuno Barreto wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The translation PorAA shows two question marks at the end of each 
>> verse. Could someone correct it, or show me how I can correct it?
>> Thanks.
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