[sword-devel] Re: Some questions re: a locked module (parsing/removing embedded tags without sword-api)

Paul Julian Gould sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 29 Nov 2003 07:29:15 -0800

Lynn Allan wrote:

>>>Sure will make life a lot less painful, I guarantee, as I've been
>>>sitting here trying to write a parsing routiine to get rid of the
>>>e-Sword-specific formatting codes in that humongous 64MB Access file.
>As an alternative to the thorough, but not-for-the-faint-hearted parsing
>that the Sword-Api is capable of, I am aware of a 77 line C routine that
>seems to remove 99.44% of the non-standard tags that are embedded in rawtext
>and ztext Bible modules. (Note, I haven't used it on commentaries,
>dictionaries, etc.)
>void RemoveMostTagsAndExtraWhiteSpace(char* buf)
>If the author of the routine is willing to waive copyright, and you think it
>might be worth looking at, I can make it available at:
>my 2 alt-155
>sword-devel mailing list
I'd love to see it... my C skills are pretty rusty, but I can read 
someone else's code and modify it for my uses.

Sounds useful, indeed!

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