[sword-devel] Some questions re: a locked module

Paul Julian Gould sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 26 Nov 2003 19:47:31 -0800

Chris Little wrote:

>Hi Paul,
>To make a long story short: We had locked Gill's Expositor to make Larry
>Pierce happy.  He is somehow responsible for the module's digitization and
>claims copyright (either because he's lying or because he's completely
>ignorant of copyright law).  Back when we locked it, Larry was giving us
>permission to distribute his KJV with Strong's.  Unfortunately, Larry's
>program, the Online Bible, hasn't advanced into the 21st century (meaning
>it's ugly and has a poor user interface--not to say that BibleCS's is any
>better), so naturally Larry blamed us for the fact that fewer and fewer
>people want to use his software.  As a result, he reneged on his
>permission and began spreading lies about us.  I don't see much reason to
>make Larry Pierce happy anymore, so I'll unlock the Gill Expositor
>shortly.  It will take a little while, though, since it needs some 
>significant cleanup.

You're a prince among men!!!!!

I was aware of the, errrmmmm..... "issues" between Sword and Larry, but 
didn't realize that was why the locked Gill's.

Sure will make life a lot less painful, I guarantee, as I've been 
sitting here trying to write a parsing routiine to get rid of the 
e-Sword-specific formatting codes in that humongous 64MB Access file. 
(actually, I exported it to FoxPro... that way I have the memo field 
separate in an .fpt file.) Kind of the long way around, but I'm still 
trying to get the rust out of my programming chops.... ya snooze, ya 
lose, I guess.

Looking forward to seeing the finished goody!

Thanks again,

God Bless,


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