[sword-devel] Some questions re: a locked module

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 26 Nov 2003 20:36:03 -0700 (MST)

Hi Paul,

To make a long story short: We had locked Gill's Expositor to make Larry
Pierce happy.  He is somehow responsible for the module's digitization and
claims copyright (either because he's lying or because he's completely
ignorant of copyright law).  Back when we locked it, Larry was giving us
permission to distribute his KJV with Strong's.  Unfortunately, Larry's
program, the Online Bible, hasn't advanced into the 21st century (meaning
it's ugly and has a poor user interface--not to say that BibleCS's is any
better), so naturally Larry blamed us for the fact that fewer and fewer
people want to use his software.  As a result, he reneged on his
permission and began spreading lies about us.  I don't see much reason to
make Larry Pierce happy anymore, so I'll unlock the Gill Expositor
shortly.  It will take a little while, though, since it needs some 
significant cleanup.


On Wed, 26 Nov 2003, Paul Julian Gould wrote:

> Hello, all!
> I don't know if this question has been addressed in the past, so I'll ask!
> I am wondering about the Gill's Exposition module for Sword; the Module 
> page shows this as a locked module, thus unavailable for download. I had 
> thought that Rev. Gill's wonderful (and HUGE) work was long out of 
> copyright.
> My reason for asking is thus:
> As a correspondent on the PalmBiblePlus forum, I have observed a need 
> for this in that program. The only available Palm Bible program that 
> includes Gill's is BibleThumper.
> e-Sword provides Gill's for their product, but the cross-reference links 
> in the MS-Access file would be a nightmare to convert to something 
> usable in Sword and PB+, and even more of a nightmare to search and 
> delete if I can't convert them.
> Is there any way that Gill's can be made available for Sword? Or, does 
> someone hold the copyright on the module listed?
> Any help and information would be very welcome.
> In the Love of Christ,
> Paul Julian Gould
> Panorama City, California, USA