[sword-devel] How to unluck a module

Frank Yung-Fong Tang sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 17:27:14 -0800

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I am talking to a bible society to get their permission to unluck the
bible translation they own. They ask me the following question, could
someone help.<br>
Questions ask by the Bible society board members (or key members).
Remember they are not computer folks. They care about distribution (in
any mean) but do not undertand computer technology too well. Please
help me to give them the answer that a non developer can understand.
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There is not enough
info here for those of us who do not remember or understand what a
SWORD module
is to make a decision.&nbsp; Can someone explain?&nbsp;</span></font></p>
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What sort of legal
agreement with SWORD would be required? Would they have exclusive
rights? Would we (The xxx Bible Society) not be free to sign agreements
with other people or
not free to make the xxx Bible translation available online in other
ways unrelated to SWORD?<br>
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real name of the Bible translation got replaced by me to "xxx Bible
Translation". <br>
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