Jason Tesser sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 07:16:29 -0600



> I am not at all an expert but I recall having seen that most environments 
> are language dependent. So what is a valid command in Enlish may not be a 
> valid command in the Dutch version.

I would suggest using Python.  It is platform independant and can be made into a 
windows executable and if necessary can be run on Mac or Linux.  You would 
have to be careful as to which GUI library you used though.  I would use tkinter
for this project or WxWindows as both can run on all 3 major platforms. 

> I know that macro maintenance is a parttime job for our system 
> administrator. (And our company is under 80 persons and higly technical.)

Macros are not the way to go here.

> In the end they may be better served with a solution that works regardless 
> of the local language of their OS and such.

Like I said Python.

> But I am only parttime windows users (only during some business hours) and 
> there may be ways to get macro's to work in real life.

The box said install win 98 or better so I installed Linux :-) 

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