[sword-devel] Re: [sword-devel]polish bible valid against CoreOsis 2.0

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 09 Nov 2003 15:38:14 -0600

I couldn't read your version with osisIDs (corrupt ZIP), so these 
comments relate to the version Ingo has posted.

To illustrate some problems that show why you should wait for the manual:

- The osis element does not reference the public, reference version of 
the schema.  The manual will describe an OSIS minimal document (or you 
could have just copied the one I posted yesterday) that will show how 
the osis element should look.
- "defaultReferenceScheme" is opaque and non-descriptive.
- The value in the <identifier type="OSIS"> element is definitely NOT 
conformant with the standard OSIS identifier scheme that the manual will 
- There is no <language type="IETF"> element for interoperability.  
(Also, ISO language codes are should be lowercase, and "pl" wouldn't be 
a 639-2 code anyway.  This probably won't be addressed in the manual 
because we make the assumption that people will actually follow the 
standards the claim to be following.)
- None of the elements in the header indicate a use value, including the 
two ambiguous date values.  This is a new feature of OSIS 2.0, so I 
probably wouldn't expect you to know about this without reading the manual.

The content of the document is pretty straightforward, so it's 
fine--though you don't need the top-level <div> element.  There are 
probably 20 or so OSIS 2.0 documents already completed that conform to 
the schema, but I suspect most of us who have produced them are waiting 
for the best practice issues to be finalized through the writing of the 


schultz wrote:

> ingo,
> Yet  i  have assigned the verse enumeration using scheme: <verse 
> osiID="Gen1.1"> ect.
> http://www.zefania.de/osis20/pgb_osis20_id.zip
> Congratulate we have  probably first OSIS 2.0 bible text ready for use :)
> have fun
> wolfgang
> http://www.zefania.de
> Home of Zefania BibleMarkup Language and  True Sharp Sword API.
> ingo7 schrieb:
>>> schultz wrote:
>>> I took the liberty to  insert verses tags in your osis text and have
>>> made some small changes . Now it is valid against CoreOSIS 2.0.
>>> I validated this  with Sun's Multi Schema Validator (MSV).
>>> The largest problem was to find the verses, because I do not speak
>>> Polish. :)
>> We've checked the text and versification is OK. We've only been asked by
>> the e-text copyright owner to change verse <rights> - instead of .org
>> should be .net:
>> <rights>eversion copyrights BIBLIA TM, biblia.elblag.net</rights>
>> Text (with only this one change) is here 
>> http://acn.waw.pl/biblia/teksty/downloads/pbg_osis.zip
>> in His service,
>> ingo