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Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 07 Nov 2003 18:18:31 -0700

ingo7 wrote:
> I prepared module with polish bible (first of 7 which I hope to make
> legally available), it is now here
> http://acn.waw.pl/biblia/teksty/downloads/pbg.zip


	Thank you!!!  I'm excited to see your module.  Chris Little is our 
module-'master' and will hopefully have time to add it to the CrossWire 
library very soon.  It would make it much easier for us if you could 
provide the detailed copyright information in English to us, so we know 
the legalities of distributing the modules from our site.  It's very 
much a blessing when people of a native tongue work on their Bible 
modules themselves.  These are very hard for us to do and test, as we 
cannot thoroughly validate a module in a tongue foreign to us easily.

> What has to be done to add it to Crosswire library (no response from
> sword-feedback nor sword-bugs)?

My apologies for no one responding to you.

> We also prepared and polish localization (polskie ustawienia.zip) and
> osis file (pbg_osis.zip; I hope it looks like osis) - is there a simple
> way to import osis file (xml) to sword to make a sword BIBLE module? 

Well, the answer is yes and no.  We have an OSIS importer called 
osis2mod.  It has only been used for 2 Bibles, to my knowledge, and does 
not cover the specification very thoroughly.  We're hoping to update it 
very soon to the OSIS 2.0 specification which was just released.  If I 
have time in the near future, I will make an effort to download your 
text, be sure it validates against the 2.0 specifications, and then try 
to get our importer to handle the markup that you have chosen.  If you 
would like to be sure your document validates, the spec is at:


and I would recommend Sun's Multi Schema Validator (MSV) Java app for a 
simple command line validation with something like:

java -jar msv.jar ./osisCore.xsd ./pbg_osis.xml

> Can I write about SwordProject using your page design? (translations;
> looks like http://acn.waw.pl/biblia/sword/startpage.htm -  if no, I
> shall change it at once).

Sure!  We would like to make our website localized like the nice work at 
bibletime.info.  We would love to have you as a translator once we have 
it working!

> Sorry for bothering you with these questions, we're now transcribing
> many polish texts, shall make them public domain, and want to know how
> to encode them to enable input to open-source programs. And Sword seems
> to be OK (although doesn't read Apocrypha and uses only KJV
> versification - we hope we'll work upon it;).

We're working on it! :)

Thank you for your great work to the Polish community for our Lord! 
Looking forward to serving together with you!


> In His service,
> Ingo
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